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Saturday, June 30, 2012


It is now being said that wearable computers are going to be the norm. Check out no different than your iphone you carry now...Okay, I have been born again, meaning accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and believe along the lines of the Assemblies of God...  finding out that many people are now calling themselves BORN AGAIN who believe things that the Lord Jesus never said... and against God so I wanted to make sure you know I was the real deal. we trully are at the end of the age! 

All said... ran across this little ditty today.. I LOVE gadgets have the iphone, have a active online life yadda, yadda..about 7 computers in house ...stopped counting.. and will I get one of these... if my pocket can do it.. but wearing the computer is where I draw the line... we are rushing forward... now we all talked about the chip to buy and sell..but honey, I think we are missing it... the chip could be the INTERNET right in your where to run, can't buy or sell... guys.... Just wanted to share this with you all... People will ALL want the MARK OF THE BEAST because they will have the INTERNET right IN THEIR BODY... and it could even step up to some of that Nanotechnology stuff if you saw the Movie Revelation where the antichrist can torture you right from home. The BIBLE says TODAY is the day of Salvation... ANYONE who takes the MARK according to the Bible DOES NOT GO TO HEAVEN and don't get to FLY TO THE SKY when the rapture happens. All said please subscribe and tell your friends and please share this blog with your friends and pray for those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. 

Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior... The Bible says TODAY is the day of Salvation..

pray this..
Dear Jesus,
I want you to come into my life and be my Lord and Savior, Forgive me for any wrongs I have done in my life and come into my heart. Thank you Jesus Amen.

My prayer for you is that you find a good church that loves Jesus as God and that will be a good church family for you and your family.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Looking for Cat carrying porch board with Mary Kay

As week goes this week has been a wild one... To begin the week ... I was struck with a board sticking out of our front porch and it hit me flat on the forehead and after going to the doctor I found out I had a concussion. ...My 21 year old son, well he found out he had kidney stones.. so OUCH was the word.. you don't need to say it :). It was a blessing in disguise as I really was happy to end my job at a apple packing company... but missed the work as I really did love my little job. 

Our family has been addicted to Northern Exposure ... we turned off the cable thinking this is crazy ... why pay for cable when you can watch everything for free on the net.. needless to say we only use cell phones and watch our shows internet or netflix. So Clay and I decided...yes we really do need a Moose Head...and are on the hunt to purchase one for our living room, as a Interior Designer it will look beautiful and as I am in the middle of redecorating (remember the board on the front porch?) I am going to go a little on the wild side in decorating kind of like the black woods decor...after all I am up here in the boondocks. 

 Garage Sale! I am having a red neck garage sale... I am cleaning my house and tossing out EVERYTHING... and putting it in the garage sale. I will try and post to you how pitiful this thing looks. I did have one person stop by and made $5 ... the sale isn't to get money but to get rid of the junk... you know like that Lamp my husband bought with the elephant and big moon and those BOXES of books I just had to read ...but really aren't my style of authors... trust me there will always be something better and with online books, you tube, etc... and of course my Northern exposure.... 
My Mary Kay Biz... and of course you can check out my site at ... so I did a training with a gorgeous new rep of mine and we talked about the new lash product and guess what my new girl had a business with lashes so she definitely knew all about this product and so yes I have a go to girl now for my team about this product so I was so happy, I also heard the girls in MK say it didn't change your eye color. This is a unique product that it sounds like Mary Kay is the only one selling this in direct sales. So I as so Happy to hear this.

Can I have a kitten?

I did ask my question to my husband can I have a kitten? And his rule is no more HOUSE PETS... I do have ONE DOG and a tank full of guppies INSIDE. Although it sounds like he will let me have a cockatiel which my sweet friend is handraising ...did I tell you they nick name me Ellie Mae :) Although we do have 5 Royal palm chicks IN THE HOUSE right now as we like to watch them very closely for a few days to make sure they get a good start. 
Well, Momma and Clay are watching Great Northern I am sitting in the kitchen and now at 12:31 am am getting sleepy... it was too hot in there. so I guess I will join them .