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Saturday, March 5, 2011

American Idol 's Chicken

Okay... American Idol is on... and in a small way doesn't it remind us all of the Miss American Pagent when we were kids where we would all sit breathless wondering who would take the crown?
Well, days have changed people are emailing in their votes, tweeting and blogging about the next big idol to hit America :) If I were on American Idol this year..I would be the chicken girl and have America's first American Idol Chicken! .I guess my talent would be raising chickens. Wouldn't it be cool to have another Talent show like the Gong show for us Americans to enjoy?

All said... we always are looking for ways to entertain ourselves and just like the wind crowns are forgotten and idols as well. Encourage yourself to discover your God given gifts and to build on those each year. Enjoy the shows they come and they go.. My favorite one of these was the one looking for Super Heros I loved how they search for the character of each person. I hope something like this one comes on again.. Any thoughts? Leave them in the comments.
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