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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hi Everyone :)

Visiting my mom today.
We are sitting and enjoying Television watching Martha Stewart together as I am working on the computer. I just joined with Chris Prillo. I read his profile on Wilipedia and created a account for myself on Wikepedia for myself... I am Ruthie Appleby there and I made an account on I am Ruthie Appleby there. Friend me there too.

My Birthday is on Saturday I will be 48 years old, I am going out for a fish dinner with my boyfriend and my son for the day...which is the day before halloween. On friday we are going to do a Halloween Walk that would be fun.

Here are my Mom and Dad...they brought me into this world October 30 1962 ... Daddy is living in Heaven now with Jesus. The greatest parents in the world!

We are also talking about joining the gym which I am definitely needing to get myself fit ! I was apart of 2 gyms and the good news is it looks like the new gym will have more equipment than both of the old gyms.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A great October project... do your own hair and other "STUFF"

It is time to do my hair again, and I have a salon appointment today... but hey ... I would love to learn to do my own and to do that a few times and thought maybe some of you would like to do the same?  Enjoy.

Cool... right now Daystar has videos of Billy Joe Dougherty still running. Brother Billy Joe has passed away and I am friends with one of his sons on facebook.  You will enjoy the mighty ministery of The Dougherty family
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Try your hand at Watercolors!

Here is a fun little hobby that I picked up...Mainly because My Mom used to water color so now I am trying my hand at it...along with my Mom... so I decided to start a blog http://www.WaterColorWithRuthie.blogspot for anyone who wants to share their work and to come learn along with me. :)
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