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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Follow Me Monday" Couponing for Newbies

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Crochet Galaxy Stitch Scarf

check out my blog and make something cool for yourself this year.

Christmas shopping

my son and I went christmas shopping after college and brrrr it was a snowy day.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hi Everyone :)

Visiting my mom today.
We are sitting and enjoying Television watching Martha Stewart together as I am working on the computer. I just joined with Chris Prillo. I read his profile on Wilipedia and created a account for myself on Wikepedia for myself... I am Ruthie Appleby there and I made an account on I am Ruthie Appleby there. Friend me there too.

My Birthday is on Saturday I will be 48 years old, I am going out for a fish dinner with my boyfriend and my son for the day...which is the day before halloween. On friday we are going to do a Halloween Walk that would be fun.

Here are my Mom and Dad...they brought me into this world October 30 1962 ... Daddy is living in Heaven now with Jesus. The greatest parents in the world!

We are also talking about joining the gym which I am definitely needing to get myself fit ! I was apart of 2 gyms and the good news is it looks like the new gym will have more equipment than both of the old gyms.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A great October project... do your own hair and other "STUFF"

It is time to do my hair again, and I have a salon appointment today... but hey ... I would love to learn to do my own and to do that a few times and thought maybe some of you would like to do the same?  Enjoy.

Cool... right now Daystar has videos of Billy Joe Dougherty still running. Brother Billy Joe has passed away and I am friends with one of his sons on facebook.  You will enjoy the mighty ministery of The Dougherty family
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Have a iphone? I do .... I really love it, and one of the great features is the camera option that you can go "tubing" and upload them right to you tube.. check out my You Tube Channel RuthieTalk
Have you met Junior yet? Good Friend of mine .... check out his You Tube Channel ...
Junior 's Wacky World.... It's Wacky and Junior is a gas... ps... Junior isn't married... haaa.. leave a comment and I am sure I can get Junior to possibly even respond with a video for us!
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I am Ruthie Junior Yingst Appleby

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Try your hand at Watercolors!

Here is a fun little hobby that I picked up...Mainly because My Mom used to water color so now I am trying my hand at it...along with my Mom... so I decided to start a blog http://www.WaterColorWithRuthie.blogspot for anyone who wants to share their work and to come learn along with me. :)
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Learn some great things and have some fun while you are there...
Sales Tip---

It is who knows the most people...not necessarily the most talented at times


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clipping your Coupons 101

A penny saved is a penny earned!
I think the thing I see with coupon clipping is stock piling ...this seems to be a key in order to help you to be successful. At first you start out slow after awhile you are replenishing what you have.
please keep our armed forces in your prayers and remember them over the Holidays and their families.
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Book in Review.... Pamela Britton just sent me her latest book Mark: Secret Cowboy.... Great Harlequin Romance available in stores right now! If you are a author, own a product, or a musician and would like me to do a review for you please contact me via facebook Ruthie Junior Yingst Appleby and everyone else friend me there and let me know how your day is going!

Consumer Queen Gets $300 in groceries for

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Organize Your Office and other tips with Ruthie Today

I am aggressively getting my home and office in order right now....up coming project... getting my office in order! Who doesn't dread this IF Your office gets crazy outta control.

Here are a couple of tips I use...
When writing I date ever single piece of paper..I also use a journal that I write everything in ...and use it kind of like a progessive calendar/Journal... I write ideas in and build on them in one notebook rather than have 100 of notes everywhere. I also file my emails, etc.. on index cards etc. If I don't use it it goes bye - bye.
If you love Twitter you will love Natalie Ruth and Hannah... Natalie is actually my REAL neice and she is quite the comedian on Twitter. She is one of Original OMG girls and is also known as MISS GOODY TWO SHOES a real sweetheart and loved by peeps everywhere on Twitter. Hannah is also a bit of a celebrity in her area. She is a college student. In high school she started a Bible Study thought a few kids would show up and 300 KIDS SHOWED UP! Hannah is MY REAL GREAT NEICE AND @NatalieRuth1 's daughter. Natalie Ruth is also a very successful engineer and has worked on projects for Disney , etc.. Currently she is working on building a hospital.

I  called my doc and asked him if I should get my flu shot now? ...The answer No wait...If you get your flu shot too early it won't carry you through the flu season.. ask your doctor  for his input on this matter.My son did come down with a cold , and ran into another friend who has a cold already this advice start out the school year with some chicken soup and wipe down all door handles, keyboards, faucets etc with clorox wipes to keep the germs down. Preventative is so much better than not feeling well and of course the magic ingredient is to Pray and ask the Lord to keep you in good health.


The best time to really do this is in the you can put the food outside...but me...I am doing it today as I have 3 freezers and keep moving food... so step one is take the food out put outside in winter or in cooler.. unplug...take pans to dump ice or water...and then clean out the freezer with vinegar and water and use baking soda for really tough stains or dirt.

Well off to clean the freezer and to deep clean and organize the house have a blessed day...

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Listen to the music while you are here today...You will enjoy legend Keith Green he was a amazing artist that died in a plane crash. I was one of his many fans. He is truly awesome and really laid his life down for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Meet artist David Rogue...

David is very sweet and approachable and has a great sound. A recent album is close at hand ...He is pretty new to twitter and the best way to reach David is on You Tube. Tell him Ruthie Sent you. 

Social media is definitely taking the lead in the world of Sales... I say if you are planning a career in sales you need to get on the boat and join every social media site you can, start a blog, the secret is CONNECT, CONNECT, CONNECT... If you want to be a top selling in the "NEXT GENERATION" You need to embrace social media NOW...THINK OF THE UPCOMING GENERATIONS THEY DO EVERYTHING ONLINE and YES, YOU as a sales person need to EMBRACE the new world of sales by Being a part of it... Learn as much as you can and educate yourself in the world of Social Media.. My personal recommendation if you are totally clueless is to check out sites like and even considering taking a class with Chris Voss.

Here is a quick way to save money with stamps...BUY THE FOREVER STAMPS....THEY are the same price forever and are good forever. My family buys these all the time.. Go to your local Post office and purchase these.

My mom has been a model, a executive business woman and owner of a Printing Company, Radio Business manager, singer, etc... but most of all she has instilled a great love for the Lord Jesus Christ. She is 79 and has the mind of a 20 year old and looks pretty young too...Like she always tells me...It pays to serve the Lord.
Pinecrest Bible Training Center...
It is true from ages 9-12 I grew up as a child of parents who were on staff at a Bible school I live in the Presidential suite with my family which consited of about approx 3.,000 square feet. It took up the whole wing of the school, fireplaces, 4 bedroom, a laundry room the size of 2 big livingrooms etc.. This experienced had shaped my life forever. The beauty and the wonder and the freedom that was allowed in the Lord. I now attend a church that is like a sister to the Bible School.. A Elim church The Lighthouse. Pinecrest is located in Salisbury Center, New York with beautiful woods surrounded it and a absolutely gorgeous Campus. My sister Jo married the Vice President of the school's son and The former President Wade Taylor is a good friend of the family and my sister Zettie was a bride maid in the wedding of their daughter Joanne. A few years ago Wade Taylor was so sweet and allowed a little african girl to go to school there for free when I asked him, Wade Taylor is retired now but this girl went on to marry a minister who entered Politics.. God is so faithful and like Romans 8:28 says He works all things out together for our good. You can find Pinecrest by looking it up online please tell them Ruthie Appleby sent you.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to Today With Ruthie

...Listen to the music and enjoy and remember that God is YOUR PROVIDER... HE IS YOUR SOURCE FOR ALL THAT YOU NEED... YOU CANNOT MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN IN THIS LIFE...YOU NEED THE HIGHER POWER THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. You were not meant to make it through this life winging it on your own.
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 Sales helps...

I am a big fan of Zig Ziglar and he says something that I just love and has helped me through the years...On the other side of those doors are LIFETIME a collector of people my thought is I am not making customers I am making friends. I don't even care if they buy...why? Because for each person I truly make a friend that friend will recommend all of his/her friends to me for being good to them. I worked for Lazboy for awhile and I met a wonderful retired Lazboy Top seller and she told me she learned this from a top seller for Lazboy which in turn made here a top seller...NEVER SELL ANYTHING TO ANYONE WITHOUT MAKING THEM A FRIEND FIRST. Great stuff there ...Make meeting and making friends a lifestyle if you are a born sales is just in you and you can cultivate your God given gift by doing these things.

I did it...I cooked a year old turkey ...frozen in the fridge and it TASTED GREAT... 
Now my question is this? How old is the oldest turkey you have ate? and if you have some great turkey tips please share them in the comments below.


Much talk about the NEW TWITTER...and I don't know awhole lot about it...please share your twitter ID and if you know anything about the new twitter please share...YOU CAN FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER say that twitter is the Celebrity Playground? what are your thoughts?
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I was very pleased to see that @Pepsi followed me back and talked with me...YOU GO PEPSI
 have been following Dr.Pepper, Snapple, Pepsi, and Coca Cola's activities this summer and was very pleased to see that Pepsi was just a Super Star like always Much love to Pepsi!


techie stuff... just have a good laugh on this one...with talk of the IE9 Beta...enlighten me in the comments...need to learn much more about this, google TV, etc... I love to see these old be followed by..

good thing santa is off the hard stuff huh? 

Gary Richardson - Lead Singer of Six Clan Hero
While I am here ...I am also talking on twitter and to lead Singer Gary Richardson who I am watching as cyber tv merges with regular Tv... Gary is amazing. He is on YouTube  under Six Clan Hero has a Cyber show on (Actor Kelsey Grammer's network) and in general the go to go for many things . He's young, handsome, talented and easy to work with and approachable.  This is a celebrity that you will want to keep your eyes on. You can follow Celebrity RockStar and Internet TV Star Gary Richardson  on twitter @SixClanHero

Drum roll for Laundry...
for whiter clothes add 1/2 cup vinegar put right in with bleach, soaps , etc...

How to fold a fitted is the trick ladies and gents..
take your sheet and put all four corners together  how...take and put two corners togeher then the next, and then the next you should have a square and then fold in fours...Need help...shhh...go to you tube and it is on there.. or check out my blog it is on there in video style.

honorable mention of author....Cyntha Baxter! She is a doll and Cynthia was one of my readers from my newsletter The Ruthie News sharing Promotional and Sales tips... Cynthia is a fun and sweet author that I really enjoy and love talking with.My newsletter later became a blog and will be back up in some form soon and of course these days I am sprinkling more and more of this stuff out to help everyone to become successful..took a break to regroup as hey I was going through a divorce, etc...but back to Cynthia... Just got done reading her book..
"Putting On the Dog"  mystery, light hearted and lots of fun. I am a huge fan of Cynthia Baxter and read all of her books. 

Couple tips for you cheap "Oh"s out there...
I live in the lap of luxury...for real...but I also am a wise steward... and sometimes it is just the sport of it all..
cut your laundry dryer sheets in 1/2 to make more loads
Shop more at the dollar store...I am a huge clean, cooking junkie..and it is amazing all the products at the dollar store that I love and are name brands..  I also am into walmart and the $5 shirts I have been finding there...I wear black pants and jeans a whole lot because I am on the go so much ...not kidding..I used to have at least 50 or more expensive shoes 10 expensive coats, shirts, dresses, etc...too time consuming now I have 1 or 2 toss them out and get new when I need more...or just sick of looking at's like wearing a uniform and I can't believe I have gotten to this point as I always have been the trendsetter for fashion to my friends...but I still am just enjoying life more and not throwing away bags of clothes never worn with tags  on anymore. I do splurge on my hair, make up, etc... but have learned to live a much simplier life and this way I have money for many other adventures I want to take on. I am not living in cheapsakeville at all ...just using some good old common sense. I do have a iphone... but I like what one gal said to me... I have a house instead of a it is all about choices and what you want in life. 

Great site to follow on the net found this site full of invites to twitter parties and I me up with the owner of the site on twitter very nice . Please tell her Ruthie Appleby sent you.

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